While studying at Hyles Anderson College, professor of Biblical studies, Dr. William Grady, planted the idea in my mind that the book of Isaiah (66 chapters) seemed to be a miniature Bible (66 books) and that someone should study through each book of the Bible to see if there was a connection to each chapter of Isaiah. That inspired me to write the first essay on this topic in 1997. That essay became the skeleton for what is today, 20 years later, The Tuning Fork Book.

As mentioned, The Tuning Fork is so named after the same tuning fork mentioned in Chapter One, “The Parable of the Lost Tuning Fork”. The book is built on the well-known premise that since the Book of Isaiah has 66 chapters, then perhaps there are connections in order through the 66 books of the Bible to each of the corresponding chapters of Isaiah. While various Bible students have spotted a few similarities here and there, as far as I knew, at that time, no one had actually made it a serious study to meticulously comb through the entire Bible to try to chronicle all of them. To be consistent , this phenomenon would also need to be ubiquitously present even in the smallest books of the Bible like Obadiah or of some of the Epistles.

It wasn’t until after I had already started the study, that I realized that what I was surveying was more than just a fascinating literary phenomenon, but that it is living, supernatural proof that not only the Bible is the word of God, but that the King James Version is the English version evidently sanctioned by God. In reading this book, you will see why this conclusion is absolutely unavoidable. This is possibly the greatest extra-biblical discovery of all time, proving the Bible to be the word of God . Except that it is not “extra-biblical, it is “intra-biblical!”